Varuna to Assi Ghat

The name Varanasi was derived from tract of land lying in between confluence of river Varuna and Assi. Hence Varun-assi or Varanasi. Varuna and Asi join the Ganges on the north and south borders of the city.

The Varuna river is a minor tributary of the Ganga, which is named after the god Varuna, the god of water. The Varuna river rises from Melhum at Phulpur in Allahabad district at 25°27′N, 82°18′E. It flows east-to-southeast for 106 kilometers via Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, and enters Varanasi in order to finally merge in Ganga at Sarai Mohana.

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Varuna to Assi Ghat

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