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Maharaja Chetsingh fort

Varanasi is known all over the world for its ghats on the holy River Ganga and old-world charm. In fact, the ghats in Varanasi are landmark & hallmark of the entire city. These ghats have mystic appeal and beautiful appearance.

The oldest living city of the World, Varanasi, is perfectly in sync with modern developments and ancient cultural heritage. Among scores of ghats of Kashi, Chet Singh Ghat holds immense historical significance. This ghat had witnessed one of the fiercest battles of Indian history fought between the British troops and the army of Raja Chet Singh in 1781 AD. After the defeat of Chet Singh, the area had been occupied by the British forces. It was Prabhu Narayan Singh who retrieved the ghat back.

Naturally, Chet Singh Ghat, a fortified ghat, has imprints and memories of India’s freedom struggle. Chet Singh Ghat is also known as Khirki Ghat.

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Maharaja Chetsingh fort

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